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Emails Bounce back from Google

Why are my emails bouncing back when sending to google accounts? Google recently changed their security settings to block emails without an SPF record and/or DKIM & DMARC. If you have not set these up, any emails sent will now be marked as spam and rejected. How do I prevent…
multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor Authentication

This article explains everything you need to know about Multi-factor Authentication – MFA. You’ll learn what it is, why it’s important for security, and how to use it to protect yourself. What is Multi-factor Authentication? Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) authenticates a user using two or more types of authentication. MFA increases…
seven to ten

Windows 7 End of Support

Microsoft ended mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. If your business is still running on Windows 7, you have some important decisions to make, and not a lot of time remaining. Windows 7 extended support officially ends in less than a year, on January 14, 2020. After…

Office 2019

Microsoft released Office 2019 for Windows and Mac. This is the first big update to Microsoft Office since the 2016 version, which brings lots of changes. If you are not using Office 365, then you must purchase this upgrade for all users or upgrade to Office 365 to receive this…

Windows 10 version 1809

Top features Syncs clipboard history between your devices Dark theme for File Explorer Text from Your PC and Phone New Snip & Sketch Tool for easier screenshots SwiftKey keyboard with a more accurate auto-correct and predictions (adapts and learns your writing style) Cloud Sync Clipboard With Windows 10 version 1809…

Safer Internet

Lock Down your Critical Accounts with Complex Passwords Having a Safer Internet is not hard. You’ve probably heard it before, but creating strong, unique passwords for all your critical accounts really is the best way to keep your personal and financial information safe. This is especially true in the era…

Great Password Security

Hackers try tens of millions of possible password combinations per second thanks to powerful brute-force-attack software readily available online. For example, hacking software can guess a five-character password in under three hours. If you only use lowercase letters, then it's 11.4 seconds. Even without tools like this helping make a…

Stable Network

Stability starts with a solid network Switches and routers are the building blocks for all business communications, from data to voice and video to wireless access. They can improve profitability by helping your company increase productivity, trim business expenses, and improve security and customer service. Powerful enterprise features High speed…

Business Laptops

Essential for business. Perfect for you. Stylish and powerful Sophisticated new Business Laptops feature top Intel Core processors, plus Windows 10 Pro for power and productivity. Built to Last If you want a notebook that can survive drops and spills, a business system is more likely to take the abuse.…