Outlook Error: Something Went Wrong and Your Search Couldn’t be Completed

Problem: When searching for items in outlook 365 no emails are found, and you receive the error: “Something went wrong and your search couldn’t be completed. It looks like there’s a problem with your network connection. Let’s look on your computer instead.

Affected Systems: Windows 10, Outlook 365 build 12730.20250, version 16.0.12730.20188, Outlook 2016

Something Went Wrong and your Search Couldn't be Completed
Something Went Wrong and your Search Couldn’t be Completed

Solution: Disable Server Assisted Search

The latest outlook version has changed the default search used in outlook and may not be compatible with your exchange version. To disable this new search feature, you will need to edit the registry.

Open Registry Editor by typing ‘regedit’ in Windows Search and clicking Registry Editor.

Open Registry Editor
Open Registry Editor

Navigate to the following Path.


If the above path does not exist, try this path instead.

Registry Disable Server Assisted Search
Registry Disable Server Assisted Search

Create a new REG_DWORD inside the search folder: Right Click > New > DWORD

Registry Create DWORD
Registry Create DWORD

Give it the name: DisableServerAssistedSearch


Open the new entry and change the Value Data to 1 and click OK.

Registry Add DWORD DisableServerAssistedSearch
Registry Add DWORD DisableServerAssistedSearch

Restart Outlook and try the search.

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