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In the past two decades, it’s fair to say the internet has expanded somewhat. Originally, websites were incredibly simple yet successful. Today, websites need responsive web design, user friendly features, be SEO ready, and a whole lot more.

If you don’t have a website that people can access on their laptops, computers, tablets, phones, and various other devices, you’ll immediately fall behind the competition.

These days, it’s not just about creating a website—it’s about creating an experience. With a easy to use website design, you draw prospective customers in, and you give them a reason to choose your service over every competitor in the industry.

This is exactly what we do at Essential Information Technologies!

How Essential Information Technologies Can Help Your Website Design

At Essential Information Technologies, we have a clear formula that can be tailored to the needs of your website. With responsive web design and a user-friendly nature, we can reach out to your audience and create an experience that leaves them wanting more.

SEO Ready

Of course, we can’t talk about web design without mentioning Search Engine Optimization. When it comes to organic traffic, SEO is the best way to keep growing and this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

When designing your platform, aesthetics is important but it also needs to be functional for SEO purposes so this will be a key emphasis of our project together.

Sure, you can pay for advertisement online, but why do this when you can have a website that lends itself to organic traffic? As web design and SEO combine, we can prioritize visibility and allow you to shine in your niche.

Responsive Web Design

Ever looked for a local restaurant using your mobile device?

Whether you are looking for a local service or an answer to a particular question, more people are using their smartphones and tablets than ever before.

Therefore, it makes sense that Google ranks those with responsive web design higher than those that don’t.

mobile first
61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a business if they have a mobile-friendly site.

If you’ve never heard this phrase before, it essentially means that your website will optimize its appearance depending on which device is being used.

Rather than users accessing the desktop website on their mobile devices and having to zoom just to read the writing, your website can be optimized for phone, tablet and desktop.

With this addition, you don’t frustrate visitors with tiny text and you achieve higher rank on search engines too.

If you don’t know where to start with this, Essential Information Technologies is ready to help.

User-Friendly Experience

Have you ever clicked away from a website because you couldn’t read the text, find the right link, or because everything just looked so cluttered? If so, you aren’t alone and this is why we try to provide the best experience for your users when dealing with website design.

web design
More options, more problems. Simplicity is everything when it comes to a great website.

When people visit a website, they expect a clear design, simple navigation, easy menus, and a uniform appearance from one page to the next. Often, people make SEO and search engine rankings more difficult than it is.

Google, for example, want users to have the best experience so they return again in the future. If you’re providing a great experience, while also answering a question, Google will want you high in the rankings because you’re making their service better.

At Essential Information Technologies, we know the secrets and processes required to offer a user-friendly experience for all visitors no matter their experience with technology.

Fast Loading Times

Your website could have all the bells and whistles, but it won’t see results if each page takes ten seconds or more to load. We’ve noticed a returning trend towards page loading times from both search engines and internet users in recent times, so our experts will keep this in mind when building your website.


We’re always looking for security on the internet especially these days—whether it’s for our devices or our private information. We’ll make sure you have SSL certificates using latest encryption and security.

Our services also fall in line with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) guidelines because this affects US businesses just as much as EU businesses.


Once you’re happy with the design and we’ve optimized it for performance, content is the next element. If you’re too busy to write articles and provide visitors with fresh content, Essential Information Technologies will take this burden from your shoulders.

With great content, your website will remain optimized for SEO purposes, you’ll provide answers to important questions for visitors, and you come across as a leader within your niche (there’s no way you can lose with great content!).

content, your website will remain optimized for SEO purposes, you’ll provide answers to important questions for visitors, and you come across as a leader within your niche (there’s no way you can lose with great content!).

Call to Action

After reading your great content, your audience should have an option of what to do next. This is called Call to Action or CTA. CTAs encourage visitors to reach out to you and convert them into a lead.

Call to Action within content will increase conversion rate by over 120%

Choose Essential Information Technologies Today

From the first time you contact us, we’ll be having open communication with aim to learn as much about your needs as we can. As you’ve seen above, website design can be a difficult balancing act between:

  • Responsive web design
  • Being SEO ready
  • Offering a user-friendly experience
  • Fast loading times
  • Content
  • Security
  • Calls to action

When designing a website, lots of factors must be considered—this is why we believe our expertise and passion will be valuable to you.

If you choose to go with us, you will have a dedicated project manager who will help with not only the minutiae but with big-picture ideas too. When you succeed, we succeed too!

Ready to get started on your next Website Design Project?